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Does Your Web Design Agency Focus On You?

The management team of a web design agency should have 5 years or more experience in the web industry per person. They should also be able to show a portfolio of verifiable results. Sites By Design has been running for more than double that time. With the same owner, Scott Nailon, who is constantly learning the latest in hosting technology, online marketing and web design frameworks.

Hi, I’m Scott Nailon, I'll be your point of contact going forward.

I have more than 13 years of experience working in my Web Design Agency (Sites By Design) with web experts and business owners. Working across a breadth of industries, I have developed a wealth of knowledge and contacts to draw on. My knowledge covers Strategic Planning, Content Creation, Website Design, Clean Development and Online Marketing. I even know a thing or two about the technicals of Web Hosting.

At Sites By Design the focus is on building your authority with people and search engines. We help educate website visitors and generate relevant, targeted sales leads. Using the 5 step framework I developed, my team and I deliver beautiful websites focusing on conversions and long term search engine success.

My own passion is in working with business owners to ensure they have the best search engine exposure for their business. The key focus is having the right user experience to convert website visitors into sales leads.

A Web Design Agency With A Humble Beginning

So I started in the web industry after 2 frustrating years in ‘computer repairs’.

After a year I couldn’t figure out how to ensure my cash-flow was enough to sustain my family. I was failing in business and failing fast! So I started reading books on business.

I restarted and rebranded after reading a book called ‘The E-Myth Revisited‘. At the time I was a struggling web designer who had no real clue about business.

As it turned out I had it all wrong, I had to change my thought processes dramatically.

The eMyth taught me that my business needed to be centred around the needs of my customer. Not around the skills I had acquired. A good business is one that solves the problems of its perfect client. So I started working hard at getting a PHD in my client’s problems.

Web Design Agencies have a very poor reputation overall. This is due to a large number of sharks who have thrived off the churn and burn sales culture which has infiltrated the industry. Our name is important to us. So we set out to be a Web Design Agency with a difference.

It’s a hard industry to stay afloat in. With an overpopulation of ‘unprofessionals’ out there offering bargain-basement pricing in order to entice small business owners to work with them. The fact of the matter is that anyone who knows what they are doing in this industry won’t be giving away their time, they will be investing it into your business and will expect to be paid for it.

Most of the web design agencies or digital marketing agencies out there make their income from monthly marketing management services. A website is usually just the gateway product that opens the doors to a longer-term marketing relationship.

If the Agency really does know what they are doing they won’t need to keep you bound with contracts, instead, they will rely upon a mixture of the relationship they have with their clients and the success which comes from their marketing work.

Many a quality business has gone down the drain as a result of signing contracts which they have not read carefully. Some of the larger agencies even write in clauses that prevent a client from leaving bad reviews anywhere if things don’t work out!

At Sites By Design we’ll treat you like a person, not a number. Our clients are our partners. So, if you invest money into our business we want to give you a return on that investment. We put our knowledge, time and energy into your business. And we do this to give you the type of value which will help grow your business in the long run.

We don’t specialise in fast built websites, we take out time and get the job done to the best of our ability. Each stage takes time, hard work and quality communication. 

As a Web Design Agency our goal is to plan and build a beautiful website for your business. One which will impress visitors and search engines simultaneously. This usually comes with the reward of more traffic to your website.

Once your website has been created, we partner with you in its management. Being the one who builds your site and then manages it for you we get the unique opportunity of feeling like we are a part of your success story!

More About Sites By Design

Who Are We?

At Sites By Design we work with you to help ensure your online presence is working around the clock for your business. Since starting out in web design in 2010 we’ve been involved in the building of hundreds of websites across multiple industries. 

This has resulted in a pooled wealth of knowledge in the online marketing and web design field. We find that we can ensure great results at the intersection of a beautiful website and preplanned SEO.


As a business owner you’re looking to get your website producing sales leads around the clock. The problem is the crowd of ‘web designers’ clawing to get your business. It’s hard to know who to go with. 

Many business owners get soured by the sharks in the industry who charge premium rates and deliver poor quality websites that stimulate little to no results. They end up giving up on the web as a means of growing their lead count!

Our 5 Step Solution

We have an effective 5 step method that commands results. We preplan your search engine success, deliver quality content, create an impressive website on quality foundations and then manage your ongoing strategy.

All this in order to ensure you are noticed by those who are looking for your product or service. This process was created over a number of years. Submit to our process and watch your results!

The Right Exposure

There is no use investing in web design unless you get targeted exposure. Exposure to people who are searching for you. We’ve had many clients come to us with a website that has no planning. Even after paying good money for it.

Our Mission is to deliver a high level of search engine success. We do this through Planning, Content, Design, Development and Management. The fruit of this work nearly always results in sales lead volume increases!

Opportunity Knocks!​

So your next step is simple, contact us to discover how you can leverage the power of quality website processes to support your online marketing efforts.

Below there is a choice between a form or booking a Zoom call with us that will work for us both. I look forward to eMeeting You!

Lets Talk About Your Needs!

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